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Our motto is simple, “To help landlords sell their home for more.” We use our experience of selling over 500 East Bay homes since 2007, as well as negotiating strategies to get you top dollar in any market.

Rely on our expertise when it comes to..

  • Handling multiple offers strategically
  • Negotiating closing date
  • Pros and cons of a home warranty
  • Bump clauses
  • Looking for “clean” offers
  • Negotiating closing costs
  • Negotiating repairs
  • Negotiating terms
  • Handling contractors stragegically
  • Setting a date to review offers
  • Staying firm on first counter
  • Setting timelines
  • Using inclusions and exclusions
  • Handling appraisals that come in too low
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  • The typical home buyer searches for 10 weeks and looks at 10 properties before choosing a house.
  • 52% of California home buyers were first timers.
  • East Bay homes sold at 98% of their listing price in 2018

Source: National Assoc. of Realtors.