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Our Dual Listing Guarantee

It is not uncommon for a realtor to list a home for a seller and then be contacted directly by a potential buyer who is not yet working with a realtor. The realtor will gladly say to the buyer, “I will represent you in this potential transaction”. The realtor has just doubled his commission. This is called a dual listing and is considered legal under California laws, as long as it is disclosed by the realtor to both parties.

In our opinion this is similar to an attorney representing both the plaintiff and the defendant. Yes surprisingly, the real estate industry and its clients seem to accept this obvious conflict of interest. Our loyalty to our landlords who allow us to sell their rental is so strong we offer our “Dual Listing Guarantee.”


“In the event that the property is sold to buyers represented by Landlord Real Estate, then there will be no compensation (0% commission) going to Landlord Real Estate thus saving the seller thousands of dollars in anticipated selling costs”.