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What clients say about Real Estate Broker, Tom Connolly…

“Tom is the kind of real estate agent we all need. Tom has the patience of a monk 😊 if you are looking for top shelf service, consider Tom as your man. I’ve worked with about 10 real estate agents in Hayward/Fremont and the entire Tri-Valley region and Tom provided 5 Star Service. Rating him 1 to 10, my spouse and I give him an 11. Tom gave us the straight story at all times and put our interests first. We will be calling Tom when it is the time to sell or buy.” – Ritashay

“If you are looking for a confirm deal with no haggling for price and work Tom is the man. If he commits to be your agent, he will make sure you are the owner! Patience, hard work and honesty all in one are hard to find now a days. Thank you, Tom!” – Norman

“Everyone I worked with on Tom’s team was great. Tom walked us through the entire process of marketing and selling our rental. Would work with hm again in a heartbeat.”

Jerry Kihara
760 Winterside Circle, San Ramon
Listed: $890,000
Sold: $810,000

“Tom was pro-active and responsive in selling my home. I am especially appreciated his objective advice on whether I should continue to rent my home or sell it.”

Don & Bev Schreiber

“If you’re looking for a broker to work hard for you and do everything possible to make the deal work, then tom is the person you want to talk too.”

Jason Gung
5755 Jensen Road, Castro Valley
Listed: $1,399,000
Sold: $1,310,000

“Tom helped me sell my Fremont home as well as locate two duplexes in Sacramento for my 1031. He was a pro in every way.”

Anatoly Vitanov
4446 Cambria, Fremont
Listed: $1,075,000
Sold: 1,075,000

“Tom exceeded all my expectations in selling my Fremont rental home. After getting notice from my tenant, I was referred to Tom by my property manager and within 24 hours he was in the home assessing the rehab needed. Toms work produced an offer greater than our listing and expectations. I have another rental in the Bay Area and I know it will not go to anyone else but Tom when it comes time to sell.”

Frank Mukthar
35580 Ribera Court, Fremont
Listed: $1,049,000
Sold: $1,053,000

“Tom and company advised us on best selling practices for our rental. He paid upfront for the rehab, staged home and got top price. Would use Landlord again.”

Ling Shia
960 Springview Circle, San Ramon
Listed: $889,000
Sold: $866,000

“Tom really knows his stuff at Landlord Realty. He understands the market and buying and selling process.”

Jeff Gonsalves
8405 Locust Place, Dublin
Listed: $649,000
Sold: $735,000

“Tom at Landlord helped me do a 1031 with the sale of my Fremont rental and the purchase of a condo in Los Altos with a higher upside.

Don Schreiber

“We are glad we found the team at Landlord Realty. Tom was professional and resourceful. We would definitely recommend him to any landlord thinking of selling.”

Bryan and Julie Severn
30 Golf Road, Pleasanton
Listed: $1,750,000
Sold: $1,750,00

“Tom Connolly and his team at Landlord were the most awesome, professional, hardworking non-BS realtors I had ever met.”

Carl Ricker
18787 Vineyard Road, Castro Valley
Listed: $899,000
Sold: $902,000

“Tom is the real deal. Found him initially from his newsletter, then check out his stats. Super knowledgeable about rehab and getting a home ready to market. I believe he got top dollar for my house.”

John Dorn
4567 Darrow Court, Fremont
Listed: $1,199,000
Sold: $1,365,000

“Tom and his team helped us immensely with closing the deal for our Hayward fourplex.”

Devnani Manoj
203 Shepherd Avenue, Hayward
Listed: $1,400,000
Sold: $1,300,000

“Tom Connolly at Landlord Realty helped us with the entire rehab, marketing and selling process of our Newark rental home. There is no doubt I got the maximum price with Landlord Realty.”

Khalid Zaman
7901 Sunset Avenue, Newark
Listed: $717,000
Sold: $725,000

“Very knowledgeable and professional. The kind of reason I want them representing me on a real estate transaction.”

MILZ Construction
1023 Westridge Avenue, Danville
Listed: $1,690,000
Sold: $1,780,000

“Tom at Landlord is fantastic. His knowledge of the selling process is incredible. I recommend him highly.”

Craig Bassel, Pleasanton

“Tom went far beyond my expectations in helping coordinate vendors and contractors to achieve a superior final sales price. I recommend Tom and Landlord Realty to all friends and investors.”

Carl Peterson
39 Golf Road, Pleasanton
Listed: $995,000
Sold: $1,110,000